BOU’JAE Vodka 750ml

BOU’JAE Vodka 750ml


on 6 or more bottles


Founded in January 2015, Stephania Lauger created Bou’Jae Vodka to accommodate her gluten free lifestyle. Bou’Jae was created with health in mind. Consumers can enjoy Bou’Jae and not have to worry about allergic, inflammatory, or autoimmune responses. Why Organic? (still in process of getting organic certification) By caretaking the land to eliminate or minimize the loss of topsoil, toxic runoffs to streams, soil contamination, and harm to insects and birds insures that future generations will be provided for with healthy food supplies. Organic farmers caretake their soil by increasing the beneficial soil organisms through natural processes whereas conventional farmers use chemicals that degrade and kill. Organic farmers know that many of these microscopic organisms in the soil enhance their plants ability to synthesize or absorb nutrients. Organic farmer don’t put profit over ecological responsibility.